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History of the Braintree Community Food Pantry

In the early 1980s, our president and managing director, Agnes Lynch and her family experienced the devastation and insecurity of job loss.  After exhausting all available resources, it was their faith and trust in God alone that got them through.  From that experience, the idea of a food pantry in Braintree was born.


Through miracles and answered prayers, a faith-based Community Food Pantry for Braintree residents became a reality in April 1993.  We are currently celebrating over 30 years of making a difference in Braintree.

What we do

We provide Braintree Residents in need with gift cards to local supermarkets on a monthly basis.  We are currently serving over 3000 people each year.


Whom we serve: Braintree Residents Only

* 50% of our clients are disabled

* Age of our clients is diverse

- 47% children

- 48% adults

- 5% senior adults

* 78% of our clients have 2 or more family members and 22% are

   single adults

* Many of our clients have lost their homes or apartments due

   to economic instability

How we keep our costs low

All individuals involved in our food pantry from the Board of Directors to those who distribute gift cards are volunteers, meaning no one receives a paycheck from the Food Pantry.  Additionally, Grace Church of Braintree provides a space two Saturdays a month for meeting with our clients at no charge.


Why we do this

The Food Pantry is a faith-based ministry governed by a Board of Directors who are motivated by their faith in God to serve the needy.  We seek to fulfill the command of Jesus found in John 21:17 "Feed my sheep."


Need to speak to our Registered Dietitian?


The Food Pantry has a registered dietitian on staff to assist with special dietary needs.  If you wish to speak with her please contact the food pantry.

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